Ginevra Joyce-Myers

Director of Client Services
& Legal Compliance Officer

Ginevra Joyce-Myers is a rising star in the PR world where government, business, politics, and the law merge. Joyce-Myers is the Director of Client Services & Legal Compliance Officer for The Stewart Group, Inc. (TSG). In this critical role, Joyce-Myers is responsible for ensuring that crucial deadlines are met, plans are executed effectively, and legal compliance is a priority in all aspects of our firm’s work.

Joyce-Myers’ areas of expertise include strategic planning, copywriting, client report preparation, contract maintenance, compliance report filing, nonprofit record keeping, and internship program management. Attention to detail and a consistent commitment to achieving excellent outcomes for every client makes Joyce-Myers a strong leader within our firm.

With a B.A. in Criminology and a minor in Political Science from North Carolina State University, Joyce-Myers has always had a passion for politics and the law. Five years at TSG have afforded her valuable experience in helping clients meet the political and public policy challenges facing them. Joyce-Myers is a health and fitness enthusiast.


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