Five Cutting Edge Steps To Achieve Messaging Success

Five Cutting Edge Steps Industries Can Take To Achieve Messaging Success in the Public Affairs Arena

Expert Insights by Sara Fagen, White House Director of Political Affairs, George W. Bush Administration, 2005-2007; CNBC Contributor; Co-Founder, Resonate Insights; Co-Founder, Deep Root Analytics

“The Stewart Group is a firm with the experience to push out a cutting message that works, at the right time, using the best mediums. Reliance on an experienced partner is a competitive advantage in working to penetrate the 21st century media clutter faced by all clients and industries.”

  1. Define Your Audience. Refining and perfecting the list of those leaders with whom you wish to communicate is the first step in reaching them with a personalized, effective message. With today’s advanced analytics and accessible data, virtually every communications campaign should take advantage of smarter audience targeting tools.
  2. Invest in Research. Don’t make assumptions. Test your messaging to know it works and know how to leverage key points with your key audiences.
  3. Personalize the Message. Ensuring that optimal language is used for every target audience maximizes the effectiveness of your campaign. Technology makes it possible to actually personalize every message.
  4. Plan for perfect execution. Perfectly planned timing, dependable technology, and a highly trained, well connected PR team make a huge difference in being able to drive a winning message.
  5. Amplification is key.  Social media postings, re-postings, editorial board meetings, follow up opinion editorials, and letters to the editor are all part of the amplification process. These tactics help create a surround sound, ensuring that you will reach your target audience in a consistent manner.


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