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Dee Stewart President / CEO

Dee Stewart is the President and CEO of The Stewart Group, Inc., a Raleigh, North Carolina-based firm specializing in political consulting and public affairs.

Dee Stewart is the President and CEO of The Stewart Group, Inc., a Raleigh, North Carolina-based firm specializing in political consulting and public affairs.

Dee began his career by serving as National Youth Director of the Phil Gramm for President campaign and Field Director of the Robin Hayes for Governor campaign. He subsequently served as Finance Director of the North Carolina Republican Party.

After serving as Legislative Liaison of the North Carolina Auto Dealers Association, Dee was named Executive Director of the Republican Party of Iowa (RPI).  As Executive Director, he oversaw the 1999 Iowa Straw Poll, which is the best-attended paid political event in American history.

In 2001, Dee founded The Stewart Group, which has provided consulting services to dozens of successful campaigns ranging from the Courthouse to the Halls of Congress. Additionally, the firm has consulted on scores of public affairs and public relations accounts, including policy matters at the state, federal, and local levels.

In 2005, Dee served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Congressman Patrick McHenry of North Carolina. In this capacity, he was charged with hiring and managing staff in the Congressman’s offices on Capitol Hill and in the Congressional District.

Dee has consulted Congressman Patrick McHenry and Congressman Richard Hudson along with many current members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, including: David Lewis, Hugh Blackwell, Chris Malone, Dana Bumgardner, Debra Conrad, Bert Jones, Phil Shepard, Tim Moore, Ruth Samuelson and Bill Brawley.  He has also provided services to these current members of the North Carolina Senate: Brent Jackson, Phil Berger, Thom Goolsby, Harry Brown, Louis Pate, Tommy Tucker, Kathy Harrington, Ronald Rabin and Bill Rabon.

Dee earned his B.A. from Campbell University in 1995 and his MBA from Campbell University in 2003.

Political Consulting

The Stewart Group’s political consulting practice features the expertise candidates need to maximize the utilization of their campaign resources. Campaigns are sustained by the finite resources of time and money, and making certain that those resources are expended in the optimal manner at the best time is the key to winning.

Our firm has a wealth of experience at directing successful campaigns at all levels of elective office, and we count many of the nation’s leading political strategists, managers and communicators as strategic partners, available to assist in our clients’ endeavors. Instead of simply offering services to those running for office, The Stewart Group employs a comprehensive consulting approach designed to help our clients win.


Having an effective long-term strategy is the most important component to winning a political campaign, and The Stewart Group is renowned for its ability to develop a plan that is effective in maximizing a candidate’s electoral performance. Similarly, The Stewart Group develops budgets and timelines that afford campaigns maximum flexibility in maneuvering through the myriad of situations that confront candidates for public office. Whether it involves utilization of resources, timing, communications strategy, or issue positioning, The Stewart Group has the savvy and experience you need to guide your campaign to victory.


Political media is undergoing a major shift in the new century and a successful media campaign increasingly depends on an effective, well-reasoned analysis of all forms of media and an ability to utilize creative content in breaking through the information clutter that consumers experience.  A television or radio commercial must be produced very creatively, with superior quality, and placed in optimal rotation using market-analysis technology to maximize its desired effect.  Web-based solutions are increasingly important in today’s marketplace and campaigns that are ahead of the technology curve are at a decided advantage.  The Stewart Group designs all its media plans with its clients’ best performance in mind.  Our firm focuses on the increasingly challenging and complex area of media strategy to provide our clients with a substantial competitive advantage.

Polling / Research

Understanding the global environment, or totality of circumstances, in which a campaign operates is crucial to planning and executing a plan effectively. The Stewart Group has years of experience in coordinating survey research and compiling opposition research for its clients. Most importantly, our firm provides its clients with an edge in knowing which questions should be asked from a strategic standpoint in any research endeavor. Subsequent to determining the optimal questions, The Stewart Group is highly effective in gathering the answers our clients need to make sound strategic decisions throughout the campaign.

Direct Mail

Every piece of direct mail produced and mailed by The Stewart Group is creatively designed, thoughtfully written and effectively targeted to achieve maximum results. From the inception of a direct mail plan to securing quality photography, from the design and print phases through the ultimate delivery to the voter, The Stewart Group maintains an acute awareness that each piece of mail represents the client’s image to the public. It is with this serious understanding in mind that The Stewart Group works to develop a direct mail program that exceeds the expectations of every client.


Due to a combination of media clutter and improved technology which greatly improves the effectiveness of grassroots campaigns, grassroots strategies and tactics are experiencing a revival in modern politics. The Stewart Group has earned a reputation as one of the premier facilitators of grassroots campaigns in the nation. Whether for national, statewide or district races, The Stewart Group is highly effective in mobilizing grassroots supporters to convert undecided voters into supporters and in utilizing cutting-edge grassroots techniques to get supporters out to vote. A successful grassroots campaign can provide the depth and intensity of support that a candidate needs to win a close race and The Stewart Group can help make it a reality.

Corporate Public Relations

Within the diverse plethora of corporate public relations services utilized by organizations in the twenty-first century lies a single truth: perception is reality. In the global economy, the true value a product, business, industry, or nonprofit brings to the marketplace is only appreciated and rewarded when it is recognized. The Stewart Group’s corporate public relations practice is all about getting its clients the recognition they deserve and enhancing their worth in the collective mind of consumers and opinion leaders.

In today’s information-rich society, organizations need to establish a strong brand presence and protect the perceived value they have invested so much in creating. Our firm is committed to partnering with our corporate clients to ensure that they drive their public relations instead of their public relations driving them.

Strategic Consulting

Evaluating the global environment in which a business operates and formulating strategies that focus on company priorities and achieving vital goals are the cornerstones of successful strategic consulting. At The Stewart Group, we take a proactive approach in formulating strategies that are customized in meeting each client’s needs. The Stewart Group draws upon a broad range of experiences and perspectives in helping your business take steps toward higher levels of success. By retaining The Stewart Group, clients gain a clearer understanding of their situation, learn what steps are necessary to achieve their goals, and receive professional guidance and support throughout the execution of their strategic plan.

Crisis Management

The manner in which a business executive or an industry leader handles a crisis situation can make the difference between an enterprise surviving and prospering or struggling and disintegrating. The Stewart Group specializes in providing its clients with an accurate analysis of the situation and a comprehensive, versatile strategy for navigating through the crisis. At the first sign of storm clouds on the horizon, securing the right team of public relations experts is the first and most important step in righting the course for any business. The Stewart Group provides its clients with the professional help they need, no matter how difficult the situation.


Raising and cultivating brand awareness and retail identity at the grassroots level of a market is an increasingly crucial element in a comprehensive public relations strategy. The Stewart Group succeeds at grassroots campaigns by utilizing emerging technologies and drawing upon proven, high-impact, interpersonal marketing. Whether it entails branding events, e-marketing programs, niche-targeted advertising or direct marketing, The Stewart Group has unmatched experience in grassroots success.

Product Launches

The Stewart Group understands that having the right launch plan is the key to any effective product launch. Positioning a product appropriately within the marketplace, employing the optimal mix of high-quality paid advertising, earned media, direct marketing and opinion leader outreach are all crucial in developing a first-rate launch plan. The Stewart Group develops these plans for its clients and strives to guide their implementation with flawless precision.

Media Relations

Professional communication techniques and well-cultivated media relationships are the keys to successful media relations. When clients retain The Stewart Group, they engage a team of professionals who are on a mission to get the right message out… to the right people… at the right time. Generating favorable media coverage usually doesn’t happen by accident. It is the result of effective planning, strategic outreach, and optimal messaging. The Stewart Group can make superior media relations an ongoing reality for its clients.

Brand Marketing

A company’s brand involves more than just a logo. It’s a culture, a reputation, and a uniqueness within the marketplace that must be carefully nurtured and vigorously protected. The Stewart Group guides clients in developing and refining their brand, and in so doing, helps to increase the perceived value of companies, products or services. Building value within the brand, strengthening the brand within an organization and fostering a consistent recognition of that brand at the retail level are the powerful results of successful brand marketing. It’s a must in the era of the global marketplace.

Public Affairs

Success in the public affairs arena requires comprehensive strategy, established contacts, and flawless execution. The Stewart Group’s public affairs practice features all of these and a wealth of experience in exceeding the expectations of our clients.

Affecting change among policymakers is a function of identifying and mobilizing opinion leaders who can create an environment in which change can occur. Whether it’s influencing the masses through the media or reaching out and activating the grassroots, our firm has a reputation for delivering excellent results that make a serious difference for our clients.

Grassroots / Grasstops

Identifying and activating supportive opinion leaders who can influence decision-makers is a crucial component of every modern public affairs campaign. The Stewart Group has a wealth of experience in providing its clients with strategy, messaging and outreach in ensuring that key people are engaged, organized, and articulate in making their voices heard. When the right voices can make all the difference, The Stewart Group shifts into high gear to make certain that a chorus of these voices effectively communicates with policymakers.

Coalition Building

With so many players involved in the policymaking process, a shift in direction, no matter how small, requires an “all hands on deck” opinion-driving approach. At The Stewart Group, our team of professionals has years of experience in building coalitions of diverse interests working toward a common policy objective. By activating trade associations, corporations, consumer advocates, and the nonprofit world around an issue, a perception of consensus becomes entrenched in the collective mind of the public. This very real cooperation among influential entities provides policymakers with the support they need to make tough decisions in moving policy changes forward.


Gaining and maintaining credibility is vital in attracting the attention of the public in today’s growing marketplace of information. That’s why it is so important to land positive media stories, to disseminate the right side of the story, in news outlets that have solid credibility. At The Stewart Group, we understand that the right mix of earned media forms the solid foundation upon which a successful professionally produced television, radio, print and internet campaign can be waged. Earned media and paid media pay dividends in the world of public affairs when they are executed as a comprehensive plan by professionals with the expertise to maximize their impact. The Stewart Group can provide the edge you need in communicating with the masses effectively.

Ballot Initiatives / Referendums

Ballot initiatives and referendums are avenues available to many. The key to gaining placement on a ballot is grassroots organization, beating the pavement and communicating the right message in every community. Once an issue is on the ballot, the keys to winning are putting the right team in place, developing the optimal plan, and executing the components therein perfectly. When selecting a team to organize a campaign around a major issue, The Stewart Group is the best choice to maximize your chance of victory.


The internet has changed the way people receive information, take action, and get others involved in matters of public policy. The Stewart Group utilizes experts in understanding the intricacies involved in the changing dynamics of information flow and the creation of critical masses of e-messages in affecting policy. Like other grassroots techniques and communications mediums, effective planning, timing, and messaging are crucial to the success of any e-campaign. Hiring professionals with expertise in this changing environment is the key to success in the internet age.


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